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Catching Up

I took a sip of the hot coffee and walked into my shop. I turned the stereo on and put some kindling in the wood stove. I stepped back and thought man I wish I could do this every morning. I am on vacation this week for christmas and new years and it has been great. Since there is not enough snow to use the snow machines I am using the time to get caught up on the restoration of the 1982 200E BIG RED. I hardly ever have a week off and I am using it to my advantage. I have almost all the parts media blasted, primed, and painted. I also used the time to make some upgrades in the shop like building a platform to raise one of my lifts and add some shop lights in the area of the lift. These improvements should pay dividends in the future. Spending 10 hours a day in the shop was a joy since I could see a lot results as compared to just working in the evening after I goet home from work.

I didn't spend the whole day working in the shop. I always find time for a little recreation. I found some time today to ride one of my BIG REDS around my property. Working in the shop is fun but the fresh air and the scenery of a quick ride was a nice break.

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