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Easy Pickins

I was just about to finish up installing the chaincase on the 1982 BIG RED 200E when I noticed that one of the 6mm screws was actually a battery terminal bolt. The one with the hex and the phillips head . I'm a bit of a perfectionist so 2 out of 3 correct is not acceptable. What do do? Simple just walk over to the other 1982 BIG RED sitting in the shop and see if I can find one. I bend down and yep I'm in luck. I did not have this luxury in the past since I did not duplicates of the same models. Since I decided to specialize in BIG REDS I have many of them to pick parts from. During a restoration this can save a lot of time. In some cases I will need to replace the part while other times the vehicle will be parted out so no big deal. Another great benefit of having duplicate vehicles comes during assembly. Instead of looking in the service manual for the correct cable routing I have a great visual example.

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